Saturday, April 30, 2005

Welcome back, Miss Piggy

Never once as a child did I think Miss Piggy was sexy. Not once did I think she was worth Kermie's efforts. I still think she's, well, pigly. But I guess part of what drew me into the dramedy of the frog and his suitress was that tension, the lady whom everybody else thought was attractive but the man she fell for. Eventually, Kermit would always wimp out as Hollywood convention would dictate, but somehow you knew we were laughing with them, not at them.

I wonder how they would update the Muppets. I still cringe at aspects of Sesame Street that have changed over the years, especially the kiddy/Casio/Kenny G travesty that has become of the opening song. The song I grew up with, at the least, seems to have teeth in it by comparison. I wonder if it was the PC culture that caused that song to change so much. More likely it was the softer, kinder, gentler approach of a large monolithic purple dinosaur (Barney as political commentary? I could see that.). In any case the Muppets I grew up with and that you grew up with have long been abandoned by us. Like in the Talking Heads song, "This is not my beautiful house / this is not my beautiful wife / these are not my beloved Muppets."

Let the days go by... I eagerly anticipate the Muppets coming back, but with a bit of fearful trepidation, like the last installment of the Star Wars saga.


  1. One always has to hold their breath with come back series'. According to my aunt, as I child I was obsessed with Dr. Who (though I don't personally remember my fascination at 2 yrs old) and I believe BBC in England is set to remake it all. It'll be hellish, I can predict that much.

    Now I was definitely a Muppets fan, often frustrated by the suzerain-vassal relationship between Miss Piggy and Kermit, if not annoyed by it. I'm guessing they'll make this struggling relationship into something that promotes "gender equality" or some kind of quasi-sociopolitical issue to drill into some poor child's mind...(but then again if they're animals, then this might be a PETA issue...hmmm)

    As for Star Wars, I'm a little excited for the Sith installment. They've been pulling it off so far, it would be a shame to flop now. Unless you think otherwise lol.


  2. a la Beavis & Butt-head,

    "ha ha, huh-ha hu. She said, 'suzerain-vassal'. huhuhuhu... cool."

    I don't know what a 'suzerain-vassal relationship' means but, cool.

    And I am still geeked (key word) by this last Star Wars movie. I was a little more excited about the Clone Wars than that uber-letdown with Baby Vader. And even more excited about Clone Wars when they edited out the most annoying pieces for a run at the IMAX. But both prequels combined I may have seen, completely, five times. I rarely watch movies more than once anymore, but I watched each from the original trilogy dozens of times. I still get excited watching them. Let's hope the Sith goes down that path (kind of like Empire Strikes Back, very dark and brooding. But Vader's Theme... Oh. my. geeky. stars.)

  3. oh, and the PETA issue of the suffering relationship between Kermit and Miss Piggy. We should write a book. It would be so flippin' hilarious!


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