Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Accountability Re-imagined

Steve Gerali wrote these great words, the whole of which can be found here and in the latest edition of (the overpriced, but well-written) Youthworker Journal.

Accountability doesn't eliminate sin; Christ does. We forget that we stand righteous because of Jesus' sacrifice. We forget that we have the Holy Spirit in our lives to empower us to live righteously, not accountability partners or groups.

Accountability must be proactive for spiritual growth. Hebrews 10:24-25 should be the key verses regarding accountability. We are encouraged to meet together regularly and encourage, spur, literally aggravate each other into being more loving and doing good things. This proactive approach can push sinful habits out by replacing them with positive action.

Meetings of accountability need to focus on the person and work of Christ. Usually sin becomes the focal point. We become so consumed by the sin we must eliminate that we fail to fix our eyes on God. Any time sin becomes the consuming focal point of a Christian's life, we exchange freedom for bondage. Let's hold each other accountable to live free in the victory that Christ has already secured for us.

The majority of the article, which deals with our contemporary attempts at accountability groups (and why, honestly, I never felt comfortable in one), I could easily agree with and testify to. At least as far as male gatherings are concerned. Do others have similar/dissimilar approaches? Do the members of the "fair species" approach the topic on a different level than we men do? If so, how? (I imagine that there is still insecurity and possibly a level of competition, but I imagine also it looks different. On top of that, it's in my imagination.)

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