Saturday, April 16, 2005

Couple notes on this here bloggy-thingy

For the most part, I don't like how I look on camera. Certainly not still photos. Then again, I've also taped myself running. Not a pretty sight -- not even for comedy. So I hope nobody's dissapointed if I come clean that, in all reality, I look nothing like Jar Jar Binks or mid-70's to early 80's Arnold. But I don't think I should have to explain myself on this one.

The one that I do, however, is on my proficient use of the lowercase. It's not a poetic thing at all or whatever; just something I picked up while emailing so much. I try to keep my grammar neat and clean (even though my sentances are much too long and circular), and I know I use too many em-dashes and commas, but I like not having too worry about using the shift key. Oh well, I figure that I tend to turn off pretentious writing (which mine surely is, but really, can I help that?) as well as bad and sloppy writing. So why would I want to visit my own site?

Let me rephrase that: Why would anyone else want to visit my site? (C'mon, I just googled myself. Boy, is my name being used in vain.) So, I'll try to use capitilization again. But I'm not too sure about making good and unpretentious writing... Or un-sloppy.

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