Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love and Race and Blindness

So I guess my very existence gives hope to White Christian male bloggers obsessed with the sex habits of women?

Bi-racial couples give me a bit more hope for the human race.
(h/t to Dianna Anderson)

The human race is saved because black and white people can be sexually attracted to each other! yay...

Kim Kardashian gives me hope for the human race!

Now, being the product of interracial couples (notice the plurals), I can say that this is in some ways more positive approach than that of, say, a Focus on the Family newsletter I read as a kid that said that although interracial relationships aren't sinful, per se, they could be unsettling to the faith community and other families so it may be unwise to pursue that relationship with that other-colored person.

We wouldn't want to upset the sensibilities of good Christian folks, now would we?

But I hate this idea that, for one, interracial coupling is new, unique, or bold and progressive. It may be fairly unique for Anglo-dominated cultures, but it happens in any society where races mix - no matter the conditions. Particularly for Latin America, there is nothing unique about this (which is why I find the racial qualifiers in the US so troubling. Am I White/non-Hispanic, Hispanic, Native American? Yes!). In fact, it is White Supremacy that has created, maintained, and promoted this horrible myth of "racial purity" - of which the surprise of interracial love (or anything interracial) is a product.

I also detest this notion that any relationship I am a part of (when you're bi-racial, after all, every relationship you enter into is interracial) is a sign in itself of progress against racism. Especially, as Grace from Are Women Human points out, the poster is part of an entire culture that denies the present and brutal reality of systemic racism.

As if sexual attraction could fix educational, social, class issues related to racial-apartheid, could effect the criminal justice system, could fix the so-called "achievement gap" between white students and those of color, could silence the jokes implying inferiority, could spur investment  in Black and Brown neighborhoods and businesses, could curtail ethnic violence, could make one NOT racist (This would be news to Sally Hemmings, to slave owners that raped their female "property." Or Jesse Helms).

Nope. But sometimes it helps to ease guilty White consciences.

So... happy Valentines?

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