Sunday, February 10, 2013

On a Sunday Morning Chatfest in a Parallel Universe

If this world were a just one, my friend Don Washington (aka, Mayoral Tutorial) and others like him - interested and knowledgeable about the public good, not the laughable rotting riot of clueless pundits and warmed-over politicians - would be welcomed every week on Sunday morning talking head shows, not (just) on public access tv.

Not that there's anything wrong with public access, except for the exposure. If it weren't for Public Access TV, we wouldn't have this, for instance. This being an informative and rather delightful discussion about the public good and the need for a space and a government that is specifically looking for the public good (which is not happening in our city and certainly not with our mayor). There is also a brilliant deduction by Don as to why we need to raise the minimum wage several times over: We're paying for whatever we don't fund directly anyway. But, the typical mainstream media once again shows little-to-no-regard for the lives of poor people, so they keep running to business leaders (who do not want to pay increases and so will tell you how something that is good for the working poor is automatically bad for business).

Which is why such alternative, non-commercial news is so important. Not to mention insightful and sometimes even delightful. As it is here.

If you haven't had the chance to, check out Mayoral Tutorial - as a blog and a Facebook page.

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