Wednesday, November 09, 2011

You (Ain't Neva') Lie!

I stand and scream with my home state US representative, Joe "You Lie!" Walsh. It is high time that we nasty liberals and so-called "fact"-so-called "-finders" stop blaming our economic woes on the banks and place it where it belongs: on the poor and laborers who don't know how the economic system is rigged against them.

We should stop blaming the financial institutions for leveraging purchasing power within the halls of Congress to get their way and deregulate themselves so that they are without accountability. After all, as Walsh notes, that was the work of "your Congress." And he should know, as he is exactly the kind of congressperson who would work towards that goal.

We should also stop blaming the banks for passing on dirty, unstable bonds to themselves while rating them AAA. Because the banks themselves gave the highest possible credit ratings to their banks' own faulty loans, which only the banks knew not to do, since the banks shut down all effective regulation overseeing the banks. But you can't blame the banks for that. After all, they were just trying to make a quick, easy (trillion) buck($), and it's un-American to find fault in that! Who do you think you are, anyway!?!

We should also stop trying to blame the banks for betting against themselves. If America is a casino, the banks are the house. Nevermind that the risk of the current economic system that makes it operate like a casino was also made possible by the banks...

And please, stop blaming the banks for the housing crisis in the first place. After all, they were forced into making all those trillions by tapping into an untapped market back when they forced Congress to make it easier for them to tap into that untapped market. You can't blame them for forcing the crash on us! As Walsh so eloquently points out, we should blame poor minorities and struggling working class people for wanting to live in homes. His point being that most people should be content living in a sidecar or in a four-walled box.

Just ask his kids.

Lastly, I believe we should stop finding fault with Rep. Walsh's homicidal outbursts of venom and rage. After all, he wouldn't feel such an urge to interrupt constituents and presidents if they wouldn't bother him with pesky "facts."

Just ask his kids.


  1. He's trying to get himself laid off so he doesn't have to pay his child support -- said JP sarcastically.

  2. you mean, again? His wife already fell for THAT one before...

  3. Anonymous5:14 PM

    How is it this guy got in office in the first place, I ask myself? He must be buds with the judge from texas who beat the living hell out of his 16 yr old daughter, because he could! Where do all these bozo's come from? Decent people don't want to run because the corrupt ruin them either with slander or cash....We need a new system in DC, In the states and in the courts, SOON before they lock us all up for thinking...


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