Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Iz Unemployed?

There are a million different ways to parse information, especially when dealing with public opinion polls and self-reflecting polls. With all the limitations of this poll, however, I find it very intriguing. What I find curious, though, is that though most of the OWS crew is employed, and most of the Tea Party crew is retired, it is the OWS objective to camp out whenever and wherever possible (Chicago being a notable exception). That has, of course, gotten them/us into all sots of trouble with the law.

The following chart, however, deals only with misperceptions of both the Occupy and Tea movements, so it's not as helpful as I'd like it to be. I'm going to continue to cover the OWS from my paeticular perspective. I do believe we need to find common ground between the two groups. Not, as I mentioned before, some sort of compromise, but areas where genuine people can agree that the business of politics mixing with business is dangerous for both governance and business - but mostly for people.

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Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party |
Image Source: Accelerated Degree Programs

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