Friday, November 25, 2011

Open Thread: Small Biz Saturday

Saturday is being promoted as a day to shop local, independent and small businesses. I've only recently heard about this, and even more recently heard about the fact that American Express, of all the Evil Financial Institutions* is one of the main sponsors for this event.

Since we've been speaking about moving in a local, democratic process for the last three months or so, I like to think that Left Cheek has been responsible for the popularity of this movement....

In either case, where are you shopping tomorrow? I'll be paying Miss Geri's Dance Studio for another month of service (for my daughter, that is) and grabing some java at Cafe Mustache, rather than DD or Starbucks. Outside of that, I'm not sure yet.

*AE charges the highest percentage of all the major credit cards, which would seem to make struggling smal businesses least likely to work with them...

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