Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Voice Crying Out in the Din

You know this camel-wearing dude eating grasshoppers two millenia ago? He called himself, "A lone voice crying out in the wilderness." Yeah, John the Baptist. Sometimes, when I think of that line I think, "Lucky! He's already carved himself out a niche. He's got the whole desert to himself."

It is awfully crowded in the blogosphere. But, this site (and some of our friends) may just be what you're looking for.


Did you ever feel like all your good breaks are pure luck? My biggest blog post so far (with 10 times the amount of hits as the next biggest) is for Emo Elmo (there's also an Emos for Obama button on that post, but it's not the number two item in it's search category). It'd be a pretty big boost for this blog, however, if the number one (or number two, which is the search engine draw "Do beetles bite?" Don't ask; I really don't know) post here actually drew traffic into the rest of the site. But there is little connection between such frivolity and my oh-so-seriouser work on churchy Evangelical culture, social justice, politics, and local issues.

Alas, my regular posts don't catch anywhere near that much traffic - usually. But my Derek Webb post caught quite a bit. In just two short days, it's already poised to take the number two spot (We're going viral, baby!). And it's a more typical taste of what to expect here. So, if you came here because of this or that, but you like what you see, please join us on Left Cheek: the Blog (you can just click on the link to the right), our Facebook page. I guarantee you'll find other stuff you'll like.

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