Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicago Tuesdays: Coffee with Miguel and the Rahm Effect

Of course the big news the last day has been the Is-He-Or-Isn't-He of the Emanuel campaign, having been forced off the ballot, then back on again. It's kind of a false hope, to be honest, to oust him on a technicality. It's the part of politics that I detest - the fact that it's a game of loopholes and stats rather than policy that affects millions and millions of people.

Rahm campaigns by throwing money around and shaking people's hands at L stops. There's nothing substantial about him or his candidacy. In fact, I argue that he's Daley 3.0 (and Gery Chico would be Daley 2.5). But since he has name-recognition and naval carriers of money, the press has already lazily anointed him to be our next mayor.

Alas, there's some serious questions about his campaign that nobody in the mainstream press is bothering to ask:
  • Who's giving him the money?
  • What are they asking in return?
  • What will be felt at the neighborhood level?
  • Can or will he bring in jobs to the West and South sides?
  • Will he reform TIFs that siphon off money from the schools and parks to create a control tool for the mayor?
  • What can he do for the homeless and those ABOUT to be homeless?
  • How can we expect him to further the interests of all Chicagoans when much of his funds come from outside sources (such as Hollywood)?
None of these important issues are being addressed. Instead, we're worried about technicalities. It does seem ironic, though. These technicalities tend to be the stock & trade of the Machine candidates.


In related news, I got a chance to go to a coffee with Miguel del Valle and I ended up tweeting much of it. (Take THAT, 20th Century!) It follows, in reverse order:
"Homeless veterans... Those are two words that should never go together, huh?"
CLC's topics would include computer, parenting, budgeting skills, etc. They would be in tandem with community organizations -
CommunityLearningCenters (CLC) would use local school facilities in the evening to teach valuable skills 2 parents in community
advos 4 CommunityLearningCenter, where comm orgs can partner w/ neighborhood schools to teach valuable skills to parents when ...
defines Progressive as Wanting progress for ALL
wants to bring more mass transit 2 city. We'll need to get rid of prking FAIL deal
Courts are allowing corporations to run gov't and silencing ordinary citizens
I will not allow anyone to buy and influence city gov't.
Our democracy is not served well if the only ones to b elected hv 2 spnd millions 2 do it

This is what politics should be about...


  1. I really like Miguel Del Valle...he was my 2nd choice after Pastor Meeks dropped out. i think he will bring integrity to the Mayor's office - if he can win.

    i hope Rahm doesn't make it through...this Mayor thing just seemed like a good excuse to leave the White House. He'll probably run for something bigger.

    Also note -- Rahm Emanuel seems to have avoided any forums where miniroties were the majority. (i.e. one we had in the 6th ward, Chicago Teahcers Union). He was only at ones where whites had significant power (such as the Tribune)

  2. Most telling to me was his absence in the community organizations forum. So much for leading or representing the people...


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