Thursday, January 06, 2011

Smarter Than a Fourth Grader?

Wow. Just. Wow.

Have you ever heard of a history textbook not written by a historian - or at least an acknowledged history teacher? Have you ever heard of a history book's content coming almost exclusively from Teh Google?

Now, I know times are hard. States and municipalities have budget shortfalls because of this lousy economy, and they need to make up ground somewhere. Every public good is under the microscope... But, still. Messing with education (in this case, by giving them vastly inferior textbooks) is messing with the region's abilities to compete and hold its own in the near future (which is part of the reason that arguments against educating immigrants' children doesn't make a lick of sense). But that's my theory of what's behind these shoddy textbooks.

I can't be the only person who thinks that these districts should be fully refunded, right? Then again, maybe they can do a swap with Texas...


  1. Wow...I echo your response! My daughter is only in first grade but when she does start bringing text books home it makes me want to take an even more thorough look at them than I had originally planned.

    Us parents need to not just take for granted that our school systems have no flaws...for where, when the government is involved, are there ever no flaws. We need to hold our school systems accountable for the potential misinformation they are teaching our children. I know many great teachers, they do their best, but they need to be given sufficient tools too to work with in order to share knowledge with our children. If the sources are flawed from the beginning...the potential outcome could be tragic. Generations of children growing up with false ideas and concepts about is one of the most important issues our country's in fact, the future of our country.

    Thanks for sharing this story.


  2. aye. fortunately, you're involved in your child's education and life. i feel for those who's parents either can't, won't or don't know where to start...


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