Sunday, April 04, 2010

Music that Gets Us Through: Air to All I Ever

Air - Adam Again (OOP, of course)
Air near my fingers - White Stripes
Airbag - Radiohead (live version from one of my favoritey albums of the 90's)
Airport Surroundings - Loney, Dear (could've been a soundtrack for any manner of teen rom-coms in the 80's. One of those rare discoveries you find while forcing yourself to listen to the music in your computer. Thanks, Paste Mag!)
Alanson, Crooked River - Sufjan Stevens (actually makes handbell choirs sound interesting and pastoral)
Alarma! - Daniel Amos (the audio in this video - which is from the same show I have this song from - sounds pretty darned good. I don't know who was playing in this incarnation of DA, but apparently Jennwith2ns's uncle Phil Madeira was swirling the keys. Nice.)
Alfie - Lily Allen (Such a romp!)
Alive - Beastie Boys
All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix (of course!)

All Because of You - U2
All Blues Hail Mary - Joe Henry (I can't find a copy of this on youtube. But this is a wonderful Holy Week song, a lamentation on love and death.)
All Day and Night - Kinks (The Ramones owe their existence as much to this song as to 60s girl pop groups. Rock n Roll is forever indebted.)
All Day Sucker - Stevie Wonder (as sweet as it sounds)
All Down the Line - Rolling Stones (makes me wanna hike up my pants leg and do the Jagger. Every. Freakin'. Time.)
All Good Naysayers Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace! - Sufjan Stevens (Hmm... Two songs from Michigan already...)
All I Ever Get for Christmas Is Blue - Over the Rhine (OtR came out with an album chockful of sexy and/or fun Christmas songs a couple years ago. Life just hasn't been the same since.)

Ok, so sharing time: What you got?

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