Saturday, April 24, 2010

Music that Gets Us Through: All I Need to Alone

All I Need - Al Green (is there live footage out there somewhere? And if not, WHY THE HECK NOT?)
All I Need - Radiohead (oddly enough, the Radiohead song was released first. but this is a phenomenal video, imo.)

All In - The Grouch & Eligh (with Pigeon John)

All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
All My Love - Led Zeppelin
All of Me - Billie Holiday
All Right - Adam Again
All She Ever Wanted Was Love - Big Faith (Mark Heard tribute)
All that I Am - Undercover
All the Hype - Five Iron Frenzy
All the Mercy We Have Found - Vigilantes of Love
All the Time - StarFlyer 59
All the Way - Frank Sinatra
All the Way to Heaven - Swirling Eddies
All Those Expectations - Peter Bjorn and John
All Too Soon - Mark Heard

All You Need Is Love - Beatles

Almost Threw It All Away - Charlie Peacock
Alone, Together - Strokes
Alone... - Pigeon John

I'm a bit taken aback by how many largely OOP songs aren't available for mass consumption via youtube now (which is weird and is the opposite effect of just a couple years ago, let alone five years ago when Youtube was birthed. Big ups to the site and to those who find and post the hard-to-finds, especially the concerts).

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