Thursday, March 25, 2010

From the Coffee House performances to your door!

I performed three poems the other night. I kept meaning to post them for posteriorz. Here they are, two links to older poems and the one new, but still incomplete one.

One Day We Shall All Be Free
(This was written a few years ago. Not autobiographical - fortunately - but based on the lives of some kids I was working with. I really try to perform this as a nervous ferocious pent-up, pent-in man. But I forgot most of the text and had trouble not being blinded by the light. It was a bad reading... But people were very generous to me, regardless.)

Mom, I NEED My Two Dollars
(Title partially inspired by classic teen rom-com. Poem inspired by summers and youth and, well, mine. And maybe, just maybe, a little William Carlos William. I like this poem and thought it'd be interesting to read this one. It's short, very short. But a lot of round and open sounds. Quite the opposite from the ferocity of the previous read work. Not intentionally, but now that I think of it, pretty cool...)

And finally... I introduced this poem by noting that I was born right in the middle of the 70's. It's kind of cheap, but so are pop culture and collective memories...

I Got More Than a Feeling

I got more than a feeling
less than excited
I jump right in
upside down dancin' on the ceiling
tonight i'm reeling
reverting back to my childhood
as if i'm sleepin' at grandma's with the old grandpa clock
always feelin' that somebody's watching me

I was passing by these glory days in the
heat of the moment and they asked,
Isn't she lovely? I smiled, stalled, looked past, head-jerk

Born on the bayou, loved by few, she broke on through
it was love wrapped her in its arms
and told me to carry on, carry on, wayward son

Don't bring me down now,
down all the way down to the funk side of town
I heard she wanted to be in, wanted to see them
little pink houses
but never expected to run the interstate down nobody's front lawn
being born on the bayou
she knew she knew better

it's saturday night, not too late for fightin''cause
we don't stop believing
don't stop believing

and i applaud, we love loud
talkin' bout our generation
city, world, state, nation
raise your glass, Lo-lo-la-Lola
drinking this all my coca-ca-ca cola

sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much...

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