Friday, January 04, 2008

So, uh, what's going on?

Thanks for asking, Peter. Let's see:

  • After this weekend, not only am I going back to work, but so is the Mrs. And she's taking the baby along with her.
  • I finally hung up some shelves for our micro-kitchenette.
  • My wife and I have been sharing a computer for over half a year now. First mine went ka-put, then hers. She should be getting hers back in about a week. Thank God. The A/C chord on my machine is acting all loosey goosey.
  • My brother's 28th birthday is today. His girlfriend has been planning a surprise party for him for well-over a month. She told him about it several weeks ago.
  • Joss is teething. Bad. And the usual suspects (including Baby Orajel) aren't working, or at least not for any measurable moment of time. But we found that the Baby Einstein videos do work. And I know that I've criticized them in the past (lack of vocab for viewers, according to a study), but we try to watch it with her and interact with her when we can.
  • And it's only until this horrendous period passes, right?
  • And it'll pass any moment now, right?
  • I'm leading Bible study for our small group on Monday for the next three weeks. We'll be talking about Jesus and the Kingdom. Gospel of Matthew.
  • The CEO of my district is coming in on Monday. I just found out today. I am so scared.
  • I'm trying to get at least a post up each day. So that way, I can soon have an audience in the millions like Scot McKnight has. And then I can sell books too.
  • I got some work done on my memoir/collection of essays that I've been working on & off with since the summer. I feel good about it. I may post some stuff soon. Especially if I can't think of anything else to post.
  • We moved Joss to the other bedroom. There's a monitor in our room. This way, we won't bother her when we go to bed. Unfortunately, she can still bother us.
  • My computer's AC adapter is broken. New one coming by the end of the week (hopefully). So this kind of delays my plans to write a new piece every day.


  1. Sounds like you are definately having an interesting time now man. I look forward to reading your essays. I hope you are getting sleep during this time.

  2. never a dull moment, eh?


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