Thursday, January 10, 2008

News of the Weird - 6? More squirrels attack

As if to further prove the points of NotW vol. 4:

A parked car belonging to Lindsey Millar of Bayonne, New Jersey, burst into flames one October afternoon; authorities reportedly concluded that a squirrel had gnawed through the insulation on overhead power lines, caught on fire, and fallen close enough to the car to ignite it as well.

I'm telling you people. The squirrels are going kamikaze on us. Although, to be quite honest, it sounds like something from the A-Team.


  1. I pity the fool that gets blowed up by a squirrel!

    That Lego video rocks, though. When did you find the time to create that???

  2. i did it in 1986. i was eleven years old. i created the whole video in between rounds of kick-the-can.

    the good old years...


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