Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fire Them!

So, the president of the United States has been blocked from doing any major job creation through the use of the federal government - even for much-needed infrastructure projects. The reason, we are told, is because this is not the obligation of the federal government, of the president or government.

It is the job of the Job Creators (T) to create jobs. Job Creators is the proper title for what progressives have class-warfaringly been calling the Uber-Wealthy, the richest 1% of Americans who only control a mere 42% of the nation's wealth.

But since our unemployment levels are consistently steady at over 9% (and twice as high for the Black population) since they've assumed sole responsibility well over a year ago, and since they have yet to report their plans to the un- and under-employed, nor have they set up an accountability system with those of us who create their wealth for them, it seems obvious to me that the Job Creators are not up to the task.

My fellow Americans, I propose that we fire them.

That's right. Call up security. Call 'em to the office, give them their pink slips and recover our property.

Let's start with John Fleming, the poor multimillionaire who only has $400,000 left every year after he's done paying his bills, feeding his family, paying taxes, business expenses, and all that big mean stuff that the rest of us poor people don't have to deal with. $400,000 that he is using for ...what??

That is all...

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