Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did You See That?

My fiend Robin shares some wonderful stuff on my FB wall. She really seems to understand that a few of us twenty-first century (sl)activists try to grapple with a wide variety of issues, but those issues are generally framed by a more specific issue. The framing helps to keep us anchored and connected. We can understand multitudes of issues from pinpointing how this one issue affects so many people.

For Robin, that specific issue is immigration (and homelessness, as she shared with me this morning). To that end, she has helped to launch Starving for Justice! Human Rights for Immigrants in the USA - a community of folks who gather on Facebook to fast weekly to meditate, pray, protest, and raise awareness of unjust practices and policies toward migrants in the US. Although the plight of papered and undocumented migrants (and specifically Latinos who are targeted) is a grave concern of mine, I first became alarmed by their treatment while considering racism and white priviledge in the States. That is my frame.

The following video is one that she shared with me and I thought the story therein reflects very well why a white, male, Evangelical heterosexual is CONSTANTLY blowing the horn for black, Muslims, homosexual, Mexican, working class, feminist, atheist women, men, and children. The subject of this video is a bi-racial woman who passes for white, but uses her white privilege (something she recognizes early on because she grew up in a community and in families that address racial concerns) to speak up against an obvious injustice. Because this "white" lady speaks up, other white ladies also acknowledge the injustice as well.

And that, I believe, is what it takes. A few voices to speak with - not for - the ignored and marginalized.


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