Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are called Jas Dye for we are many

The makers of Facebook are both astute businesspeople and complete nerds. Now, most astute businesspeople are aware that in order for their ventures to succeed, they have to do well in the minds of their customers. However, it's becoming clear that the Facebookers-that-be have figured that if we're busy making and becoming friends with real people on their network, then we won't be able to find out just how misanthropic they really are.

They have no direct customer service. Instead, they have set up a system where everything is run into a complex computer database and program - their reactions and fixes are based on logarithms or logosrim or latinrhythhms or whatever you computer geek friends call it (here I use "geek" in a nice way!) - and they find it cheaper and more effective to run their galaxy from afar and aloof, like a non-vampire Rupert Murdoch. But who can blame them? With such a large, exponentially-growing network, why should they be pestered by the cries of their individual customers anyway?

Now that I got that recently discovered background out of the way...

Recently, when I've left comments on status updates, occasionally a window would pop open and warn me that their loggorheia is telling them that I may be annoying or pestering to some. Fine, I think. Checking on the 'information' link they send me, there's nothing - as far as I can tell - that is applicable to me (unless I have sent out malware unawares). They warned that if I continued in my actions (which were unclear), that they would be forced to discontinue my account.

However, I had to ask: Is it likely that I've been annoying people? The answer: Does a bear poopoo in the woods? Do I write a lot of comments? Is Facebook my main source of social interaction? (How did introverts ever survive before social media? What's that? Monasteries, you say... Hmmm...)

In response, I commented less and less, yet the pop-up window threats were appearing more and more. A couple days ago, I got sent an automatic email that made the threat very clear and very present. They are going to shut down my facebook account!! I was anxious!! Oh no!! Somebody stop me!! I really like Goose Island's Honker's Ale!!

I figured that even though I would have to start a new account very soon, I really did not want to have to start it over from scratch. I should probably have an overlap period of time (give it about a week or so) where I could pull from the old account and then shut it down... for good (or bad, really).

Obviously it's a bit of a waste of time for me, but the alternative makes less sense - especially since I use the site for networking as well as retaining and expanding upon friendships.

And That was pretty rambling...

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