Friday, November 23, 2007

What's Been Going On?

  • Y'know, it's impossible to live on a budget when you don't have any idea of how much money you're going to take home in a given week.
  • I'm really upset (still) about my last job. I felt I was mislead and that my loyalty was not returned. Loyalty in the workforce (unless you work for the New England Patriots) not only seems to be ignored, but punished as well. Another family member was recently laid off as his company is in the process of cutting corners (something my employer is always doing), even though he turned down a better job offer (much closer to home, better salary) to remain with that place. It was a tough day before he found out that the other offer was still waiting for him. I turned down offers (directly and indirectly), believing that something bigger was waiting for me at my last place. It wasn't. I was and am hurt. I hope that my gravy train will be coming in soon though.
  • One positive effect is that I've had more time to spend with Joss (more on that later) and the Mrs. Both of whom I am crazy about. The commute was never nice to me and now I usually get to see them a bit more before and definitely after work (often Joss would be in bed or preparing for bed when I got home). Some days I spend the whole day with them.
  • Today I took a four hour nap. I needed that.


  1. Good luck with this. Are you job hunting now?

  2. i would suggest getting a new job lol

  3. art,

    thanks and yes.

    jay cam,

    thanks for visiting and dropping a line.
    unfortunately, i work in a line of profession that is vocational. and although some teachers can just turn it off and go into a more lucrative paying office, that would just not work for me. i'm stuck, love it or not.


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