Sunday, April 08, 2007

Resurrection life

Easter would hardly have been, for two thousand years, the spring and center of Christian life and prayer, would hardly have provided the focus of Christian worship and the form of Christian hope, if the word Easter were simply the name of something that once happened in the past.

Nicholas Lash, Easter in Ordinary

I'm going to do a little teaching on Thursday night to my old youth group. I miss teaching in the Church context. But at the same time, I feel like this time right now, God is teaching me so much and that my vocation is only beginning to be illuminated. And I feel a bit shaken. Like there's so little I know, even though I've been a Christian for some 26 years. I feel a bit of trembling and shaking.

I'm going to be drawing largely on N. T. Wright (largely The Challenge of Jesus) and Eugene Peterson (in this case, almost exclusively Living the Resurrection) to talk about the resurrection of Jesus (spiritual, intellectual and physical new life-after-death) and his followers and what that means in day-to-day life (hint: it has nothing to do with the Left Behind books or why we should fight for or against anybody in the Middle East [militaristically, that is]).

Please stay tuned for further ruminations throughout the week. Both of you.


  1. i will certainly be looking forward to further ruminitions...i am all ready and geared up!

  2. He "both of you."

    So I must be the other one, rc.

  3. Apparently, there's more than two... :)

    I've really enjoyed these Easter messages. Unfortunately I have not had time to comment much but I'm reading on Bloglines nevertheless.

    I hope you had a blessed Easter!

  4. wow, three readers! and my mom hasn't even posted in yet (unless she's hiding in new england and writing under the nom-de-plume sheila west).

    thanks. we've been busy with different errands (including grading papers for 3rd quarter grades, due friday. yuck. but necessary.), so i'm trying to sort through ideas and get some reading/research when i can.

    did i just say that?


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