Monday, January 22, 2007

I've got one of those nasty colds. I'm always such a wuss when it comes to this stuff. (My wife's pregnant and without sleep, carrying a splitting headache - but she endures) I stayed home today to take care of grading and all the rest, but I can barely get my head around this nasty business.

But, what can I say? My - and my town's - prayers have been answered. The Bears are going to the Super Bowl! They are WHO WE THOUGHT THEY ARE! And I'm already sick of the people at for wanting nothing to do with the Bears crushing victory, everything to do with washed-up Parcells quiting Dallas (b/c, apparently, Dallas has given up on him), and mourning the Saints' loss.

Dude! This is Chicago! We're going to the Superbowl! And only twenty-one years after our last visit! With a minority coach! Against another minority coach! History, babies!

And, once again, a proud papa city gets to watch its team embarrass the national media and its Bear-skeptical prognasticators!

Bear Down!

Now, back to grading.


  1. I like the Bears but I'd love to see the Colts win (Peyton wore ORANGE, y'know). They're favored and all but I just don't think it's gonna happen. I guess if it happens, I'm O.K. with it being to da Bears. Sort of...

  2. i can see your allegiance. after all, kentucky is basically a suburb of indianapolis. Indiana aka Kentucky North.

    who's favored? the bears have rarely if ever been favored.

    but that's ok. the more people doubt them, the better they perform. bring it.


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