Monday, January 15, 2007

Crown 'em

Happy Martin Luther King day.

In celebration, I'm going to Phoenix with some of my friends. Wanna tag along?
So, lemme get this straight: A man dedicates his life to the practice of non-violence to turn on the conscience of a nation. Not everybody honors his legacy. And here's a song by people who say that they'll honor his legacy by threatening the life of ignorant law-makers.

Only in America.

Turn a cheek. You just might save a life.


  1. I don't know the song but it's typical of our society, isn't it? Fighting ignorance with violence, fighting violence with stupidity, fighting stupidity with stupidity.


  2. yep. and i'm more or less a Public Enemy fan. i agree that the public officials that have neglected this honor for African-Americans (though i believe it's really for all americans. for when one of us is in slavery, all of us are in bonds) is guilty of extreme ignorance and prejudice, but i think the tactic's wrong.

    then again, i realize my own knee-jerk reaction to ignorance. it doesn't honor King or the King of Kings.

    but then there's the boondock's episode on King coming back...

    don't get me started on that.


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