Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh, the sweet subtlety of irony

Because sometimes, blurbs is all that will come out.

  • "Bass! How low can you go?" I'm in a serious need for music now. I've been buying cd's like crazy recently, but hardly able to listen to them. I got Common's Be and Danger Mouse, The Mouse and the Mask a couple days ago, but hardly listened to them. Got four discs last weekend. That's a serious splurge for me. And, to top it off, I found some previously lost discs (interestingly enough, not at my house), including a best of from Public Enemy that I have no other copies of. But my right ear has been underperforming since I got an ear infection two weeks ago. (Don't even ask about my insurance, or temporary lack of coverage, thereof.) Seriously, Bring the Noise. I want it.
  • Why does this Danny Kass snow boarder look like Zack Braff and his compatriot, Shaun White, look like Carrot Top?
  • And this thanks to Micah, Eric Conveys an Emotion. Eric's a nerd. Eric is also funny. That's the best type of nerd (and if you aren't a nerd, you wouldn't be here...) My favorite "emotions" include "Hamster in Underpants" and "Visiting for the Very First Time." All effortlessly and tastefully performed. All free.
  • This is Eric "Kicking A$$ and Taking Names."


  1. After being on the waiting list for months, I was finally able to get Sufjan Stevens' latest. I'm only a few tracks in so far, but am digging it. (But what's with the looooooong titles?)

    What type of music are you looking for?

  2. In my quest for thoroughness, I neglected to add that I got Sufjan's CD from the library. Just for those wondering "waiting list?"

  3. yeah, when i said 'Bring the Noise", i was refering to my lack of hearing, which is slowly returning. i have plenty of music to listen to, and still a bit left to upload onto my laptop (if i can find the copies, that is).

    i didn't know iTunes has a waiting list. although i have noticed that Best Buy is having a hard time selling what i'm looking for (although they had a few copies of "The Mouse and the Mask," they had none (at least in the rap section) of Mars Ill, but a whole column of Master "Make 'em say bleeeeeeeeeechhhh!" P.

  4. sufjan probably got sick of people asking him what his songs mean.

    either that, or all the titles with the word 'love' in it were already taken.

  5. Ah, got it. In the future, I'm sure you can find some new music here. Why do so many involve puppets?

  6. hilarious. especially love the idea of listening to jimmy and tammy through their puppet personas.

    my own theory: puppet voices are easy and fun. throwing your voice with a closed mouth isn't easy. so, puppet records.

    and, puppets are sexy.


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