Thursday, February 16, 2006

Danged Olympics!

I was getting set to watch "The Office" and "My Name Is Earl." And then they pre-empted that for some stupid ice sports.

Oh, I'm sorry, did that just bore you? Now you know how NBC makes me feel every four years. Literally legendary, ancient and worldwide athletic spectacle reduced to lameness-on-ice.

Proof? How about these Nelly Teletubbies?


  1. do you mean?

    <> <>
    <> <> <>

  2. Um, mine were figure eights (as in figure skating)

    What in the world are your figures?

    Or were they vertical figure eights and you wiped out before you could finish the third???


  3. i was attempting the olympics logo.

    - <> <>
    <> <> <>

    still looks kinda crummy
    oh well

    hey, my word verification is "houza." i think that's great!


  4. Yeah, the mascots are lame (Teletubbies or the Stay-Puft Marshmellow man?). But I will defend the Olympics simply because it brings televised coverage of the lovely Johnson sisters of the US women's curling team.

    But I want more of "The Office" (and, to a lesser extent, "Earl").

  5. Those E.T. ice cubes in the RainbowBrite Gumby get ups are the mascots for the Olympics?

    Zeus would turn over in his grave.

  6. micah,

    i just discovered 'earl' a couple weeks ago. i don't like the fact that i'm missing either of those two gems, or the ocassional conan o'brien. pretty much everything else is straight. they've never shown the simpsons.


    yeah, that just reminded me of the most unintentionally funny comments left on a blog i've seen in a while. i'll have to post them here shortly.


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