Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bears, Super Bowl

OK, honestly, I'm trying to flood this site up, because I'll be gone for the majority of the next two weeks where they don't have internet access. Yes, that's right, a resort in Wisconsin following a half-week in Oklahoma. They have more internet access in the caves of Afghanistan than there is in the whole state of Okies.

There's nothing to do in the southern/midwestern dustbowl, honestly, at least not in my parents' corner of the state (near the Ozarks and MO). So, we tend to spend a lot of our time at the multiplex the next state over (seriously) or at the Wal-Mart (though that's increasingly depressing and losing its interest for me). So, I haven't seen several movies that may just be of interest.

And what are those movies, you may ask?

King Kong. Apparently, not the great feast we should expect from Peter Jackson. More like three hour popcorn. OK, but I want free refills.

The Chronic-What-cles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Honestly, saw this. Also doesn't live up to expectations for me. But my expectations were exceptionally high. Good movie, great family movie, great, great source.

Spring-Time for Hitler, I mean, The Producers. No, of course I never saw it in its show revues and only caught glimpses of it from the original movie. But, why the heck not? Oh yeah, money.

Munich. Doubt it'll be out. Probably not good family fodder (I'm the only film nerd - a few steps below film geek, not as cool in the same circles - in my immediate family), but it'd top these other movies, much as Good Night and Good Luck topped my wanting to see Pride and Prejudicial Romantic Foppery.

Rent. Why? 'Cause, Everybody's got AIDS. (Ten points to the first correct credit for that quote/song).


Fun with Dick and Jane. Yes, I loved his memory movie, and the one where a tv producer was playing his God, but Carrey's been out of my favor for a bit. This looks like both a good return to form and a forward-looking bit for him (though Enron's been out of the news for a couple years. In fact, it may be good for that reason. Bring people to talk about the greediness of the culture of a slash-and-burn corporation economy.


  1. We all are allowed to dream. I too dreamed that my favorite team would win the super bowl. It ain't happinin. Cheer for the Seahawks!

  2. Hrrrmmm...
    My list includes Munich, of course. As well as Syriana, but my friend Greg told me it was kinda on the crapola side. Ummm...I HAVE to see Memoirs, like that's hands down must see film. And also Ushpizin, a Jewish-based film, but that's not a surprise.

    I think I'm the only one amongst the Collective(TM) who REALLY doesnt care to see Narnia. I was just going along with the hype.

    I have a host of indie films I need to rent as well. I recently saw Dot the I with Gael Garcia Bernal *swooooooon*

    ...oh yeah and movie was awesome too.

    And where the heck is you goin now? Why come I didn't know this before?

  3. timi,

    there you ARE! i told people you aren't dead. but then i stopped believing it.

    the ravens looked pretty good the other night. must've been those ready-for-flight uniforms they got now. seahawks are our competition. i really don't think we'll win the s-bowl, but i think there's a good chance we may make it. i'd be excited to play against indianapolis. that'd be cold. wouldn't mind losing against them.


    the first time you come to my site in how long and you get at me for leaving for vacation? actually, won't be that easy (man sometimes misses somethings, or people, or person), but it is necessary and i'm soooo looking forward to it.

    read some c.s. lewis, crazy.

    oh, and geisha... don't know. beautiful, beautiful women, but didn't care about "Chicago" (the movie by the same director) and reviews i got were negative. dvd, possibly.

  4. Narnia was ok. I'm still in love with the BBC version.

    King Kong gets a thumbs down from me even though I never saw it. No way I'm sitting in a theatre for 3 hour watching a mad ape run around on screen.

    Hopefully The Producers is as good as the 1968 version. I never saw the play, but the 1968 version was funny. Gene Wilder was awesome.

    Why the heck would you want to see Rent? LoL.

  5. honestly, i don't know why ANYONE would want to see Rent, least of all me.

    and, to be fair, although the movie lasts three hours, the ape's only running around in it for two. minus some time that he's unconcious, and the people dialoguing - really, probably only an hour and a half of crazy ape running.

    saw the BBC version (a couple of them) some years ago. really don't remember it.


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