Friday, July 06, 2012

The Loop of Wingnut Racism

Ask someone how she can justify a war that displaced millions upon millions of citizens for no fault of their own - under the guise that we are there to liberate them. How can we be okay with a war that cost at least a trillion dollars and killed perhaps a million civilians by some estimates.

Yes, some bad apple soldiers may have killed children and women and such and all that.

Um, didn't I just say "One million"?

She answers that they probably would have killed us first. They had the capabilities, etc. They must have moved the weapons of mass destruction and etcetera. Yeah, that's what happened. 

Why would you assume that? Even if the leaders were that foolhardy to attack the US, why hurt so many civilians in the process? They did not ask for Saddam to represent them.

But they're Muslims, she protests. And Muslims hate us and will kill us at every first chance.

How do you know this?

It says so in their Bible, the Koran. And Christians tell me. I trust Christians, don't you?

Yes, Jesus. At this point, I should probably just leave this conversation...
Not if they're spreading false witness about others I definitely don't.

Well, you can't trust the Muslims to tell you the truth. They'll lie all the time. That's also in their Koran.*

What? Do you have any idea how racist this all is? You accuse Muslims (who are almost always dark-skinned people) of being prone to violence and stupidity. You say they follow this tract because their holy writings tell them too, despite the fact that most Muslim clerics would say that those verses don't apply. Just like the book of Joshua doesn't apply, nor does most of Leviticus. Just as we can't deny that there are passages that call for genocide or capital punishment in those books that we have to ignore, they would say the same for those scriptures that call for the death of "infidels."

How do you know that Muslims don't believe that way?

Because I talk to Muslims and I read Muslim literature.

You can't trust Muslims. They'll lie to you.

God. Just. Stop. Please. You realize that if I said, "Never trust a woman," I'd be rightly labeled a sexist misogynist, right? That it wouldn't matter what a woman said, she would always be inferior to my sense of "right", right or wrong. And that is the thrust of what misogyny is. And, if extended to races of people, the fundamental quality of racism. So please, just stop this racism. That's all.



You can't trust the Muslims. My Christian friends and their Christian email forwards told me so. It's in their Koran, which they're too stupid and ugly to read anyway...

*Head. Desk. Head&Desk. Headdesk. Hddsk!*

*Of course it's not.


  1. Mostly agree with you. War in never right, but I do believe that sometimes it is necessary. I think the way we have been waging war is wrong. It seems like we haven't learned any lesson from the past wars on how to engage an enemy who uses guerrilla tactics and uses civilians as Shields and bombs. As a woman, i won't trust very many liberals because most treat me as though I'm helpless and can't think for myself.

    1. Really? Maybe you should meet some feminists... (I'm being serious. I know that a lot of liberals are quite clueless of their own latent misogyny and racism while pretty adept at pointing out others. Which is why I prefer more descriptive terms and actions than just blanket "liberalism".)

    2. Not my cup of tea. While I am a pretty independent girl, I don't see myself as a feminist because I don't already have rights they are supposedly fighting for. And in my opinion what they are really fighting for is respect, but you can't mandate that. That alone would probably make them mad. Second thing that would make them mad is that I believe that every should be equal before the law. That means to me that men have as much right to claim sexism, discrimination, etc.


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