Monday, March 05, 2012

Life at the Big House

A fierce but height-challenged young lady stands atop a soap box to be position herself above eye level with a masked, shielded, heavily-artilleried, full-body-armored police officer surrounded by dozens of other masked, shielded, heavily-artilleried, full-body-armored police officers.

She's obviously a threat, right? I mean, that's what we're being told by the police state and its apologists. All protesters anywhere that protest against corporate powers and on behalf of the rights of women and minorities are a threat to civility and democracy, amirite?

They have to be a threat to democracy. What, with their loud voices and their demonstrating and opinions and perspectives down our earlobes.

You would think that's what democracy is all about. A "marketplace of free ideas" and some such communist bullshevik propaganda, right?

But, nope. The common folk can't be trusted with such powers. We are not smart enough to know what's best for us.

And it turns out what's best for us is aually what's also best for BP, GE, Citicorp, McDonald's, Bank of America, Boeing, WalMart. They're the smart ones! That's why they're making so much money and we're not.

Ha ha. We're just sooooooo stupid it hurts.

So, when political leaders like Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell throw machine guns and SWAT teams in the face of women protesters, they just need to realize that he is a benign, good-hearted man who only wants what's best for them.

Chicago Mayor Ram Emanuel is also a kind, benevolent soul. Out of his inner-gentleness, he is making sure that the world is safe for the backdoor dealings of the world's largest financial states and their wonderfully kind beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries. Now, doesn't that word have the ring of goodness to it?

I mean, why else would he draft a law that effectively outlaws protest? And if he weren't such a kind-hearted, wise man, why would the city's elected aldermen overwhelmingly and with little protest sign the bill into law? And then why would the people's watchdog, our television and print media practically cheer the law?

It must be because our leaders are so good to us...

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