Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Papa Pink Panda Blankie

Daddy, daddy.

That's how I know she's excited about what's gonna come out of her little girl squeaky vocal tubes.


This blanket smells like you!

It does?

It does? Should I assume the best?

Here, smell.

I'm used to my four year old giving me directives. But this one, to be perfectly honest, may be a new one. I decide not to correct her this time. Thissss time.


The blanket is pink and lightweight - like a throw. It's not made to be a primary level of protection during Chicago winters. (For that, one should seek out the carcass of a brown bear. Hats and scarves made from timber-wolf fur and boots consisting of hollowed-out bunnies are also strongly encouraged.) But it is soft and comfy and has the heads of panda bears all over it (Not literally). And it's her current favorite.

So the fact that is smells a bit musky is a bit odd.

It smells weird, right?

She sounds almost adult as she says this. As adult as one can when sounding like a preschool-aged Betty Boop - sans the masculinity. Which makes it all the more disorienting. And, therefore, insulting.

Yeah... It kinda does, honey.

The good news is, now we know what pink pandas smell like: Me!

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