Monday, November 22, 2010

November Rain and Family Business

I'm just gonna be honest here: I don't care for this song. But the Mrs. Jasdye lurves it. So, here.

A couple extra points.
  1. I love my daughter's curious nature. A friend mentioned to me yesterday, however, that she never asks, "Why? Why? Whywhywhywhy??" like many kids her age. I think, unfortunately, she takes after her old man in this matter, always coming up with her own hypotheses and testing them out loud. This morning, for instance, while we were out in this tragic thunderstorm, she mentions that the cars (there're few of them on the road at this moment) are being so loud. I figure that she's talking about the thunder (after all, we've imitated sonic boom sounds while watching cars speed by near her school), and so I give her a real short (and hurried) lesson on physics. Lightning, speed of sound, etc. I'll have to go a bit deeper sometime when we're not running for our lives.
  2. My three-year old has had recurring pneumonia perhaps as far back as August, but at least since September. Jocelyn is undergoing a procedure on Wednesday (right before Thanksgiving) to remove her adenoids, shave down her tonsils (it's less hassle for a three year old. Only a three day recovery, rather than the seven days if they cut them off. As well, there's a 0.2% chance that the tonsils will come back.) and send down a bronchilscope to see if there's anything in her lungs that's been hosting the pneumonia. Please pray; the whole procedure is a bit scary to us - especially the sleepy-sleepy part. And the fact that she won't eat or drink during her recovery will drive me mad. Thanks for any and all warm words, thoughts, letters of support. We appreciate them all.


  1. stephanie marsilia11:14 AM

    Our son had his adenoids out as a child, too. I was scared to death. However, I ended up being astounded at how fast he recovered! He slept for hours after the surgery, then woke up and was ready to go out and play! The ear infections he had been plagued with never returned. I will be sure to keep all of you guys in my prayers.

  2. Definitely will pray. I can imagine your concern. I don't know if it helps, but I know when my uncle was a little kid, he had his adenoids out, and I'm pretty sure that was in the 50's. He's now somewhere around 60 and doing fine. ;)


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