Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Oh My Blog-a-thon! On Non-Violence


Several years ago, blogging was Teh Tihng To Dos on teh Interwebz! When I joined the movement just over five years ago, it was the way to communicate your constipations and diarrhetic thoughts to the world. This was before Facebook and Twitter became de rigeur for connecting long-lost friends, making new friends, following Ashton Kutcher's constipations and diarrhetic thoughts, cyber-blasting ideological opponents, etc.

But then I realized that I still had a lot of thoughts/opinions that I could never write out fully in FB, let alone Twitter. And some of my replies were too long - and too repeated - to do anyone any good. So, I returned to blahgging. And I've noticed a lot of others have as well. And then there's others on the verge.

I was thinking about writing on non-violence and some of the democratic experiments that were happening during the early-to-mid sixties when I remembered a staple of blogging from my first go-round: The Blog-a-Thon. Rather than me talking/blabbing/diatribing-for-hours-on-end (and constipating and diarreting), it'd be much more effective/cool/collaborative/exciting/easy/enlightening/fun to do it with friends and fellow travelers.

For the next week (starting this weekend, the 10th, and through the 18th of July), the task is to write twenty posts on the topic of non-violence. The history, the rhetoric, the amplifications, imaginings, stories of, riffs on, poems about... Whatever you can imagine - the more specific and vivid the better. As local, international, household, female-empowerment, educational tool, political weapon, whatever angle you need to tell it.

If you want to sign up for one or more slots, please let me know. When you're done, send the link to the comments here. If you don't have a blog but would like to contribute, you can write it as a facebook note, alert me and I'll copy and paste it on here as a guest post.


  1. Jason,
    I recently found your blog (through Kurt) and have quite enjoyed looking exploring your posts.

    I've written a fair amount on nonviolence on my own blog as well, and if you're interested in using on of those posts in your blog-a-thon we can set that up.

    I'd say "Naked Poor People and other Teaching of Jesus" would be the most fitting, and the link is below.

  2. Mason,
    thanks. that truly means a lot to me. I'll check out the article and keep you informed.


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