Friday, December 19, 2008

Visited States Map

[EDIT] h/t to Arachnerd
Click here for your own map.

I'm a loser. I admit it. Most of these states were fly-bys (often at speeds exceeding what I'd feel comfy driving at now). But still, these are the - admittedly Midwestern-centric - states that I've visited or at least drove through (if they're on the East Coast, I most likely just drove through them with the exceptions of Georgia and, overnight once a piece, Virginia and New York).

Caveat lector: I'm not sure how Louisiana ended up on this map. I don't think I was any part of any hurricane rescue...


  1. Ha! You've been to my state but I've never been to yours...

    ... wait which one of us does that make the bigger loser?

  2. me. if you've traveled through illinois, you would definitely understand...

    i'm also a bigger loser b/c i totally forgot to give credit to scott for this one. which he took from you. which would make you the granddaddy of sorts of this post. now, in that regards, you may be the biggest loser on that one... ;)


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