Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Links We Like to Link to: Huh?

No promises on the political front this time. I'll just say that it's not as partisan as I tend to be.

Sand Pirates of the Caribbean?
These cats are taking off with hundreds of truckloads of sand (used for building material) out of both private and public lands. Ecologically, at least, it's a baaad idea. Aarrgh!

Professor Glen C. Rowly considers a time when he was caught between his friend (who self-identified himself as Black even though he could easily pass) and complete strangers at a Black Panther meeting and how we sometimes betray our friends and other aspects and responsibilities of ourselves in order to be accepted into our tribes. - as well as how our tribal identity fits in with our politics and worldview and visa versa. Our identities are complex, and our responses to calls of the tribe should be nuanced (My thoughts, not necessarily his).

What is it now, two weeks? I think this is how the last stretch should end.

via HuffingtonPost
. And thanks to Art for reminding me again that I should always check my posts!


  1. I can't get your movie widget thingy to work...

  2. suck, me neither. it's on my fb page. i'll put the link up in a minute.

    thanks, art.

  3. C-to-the-RAP! looks like it's down for the moment. sorry. it was quite the sight to behold, too - a presidential dance-off. i won't tell who wins this *debate*, though (hint, she couldn't debate herself out of a paper bag).

  4. You're welcome. But i can't even get the link to work, though that is probably because of the crappy computer I'm on... I'll take your word for it.

  5. sorry, art. fwiw i just tried it on my facebook profile (it's all the way down there) and it worked fine there...


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