Friday, July 04, 2008

Links I'd Like You to Link to - Happy 4th!

I found a place that'll let me blog for pay. Of course it's crappy pay, but it's a start. So, please, check out ChicagoDads. And click some random links. And then tell all your friends about it. Especially father friends. Because I think it would be awesome to actually start a community of blogging fathers. And I think it would be cool to make at least a little bit of money doing it.

As far as the ads here, sorry. I may take them down soon, or just move them to another site. I haven't seen them yet, to be honest, but I know how annoyed I was on seeing them at other people's sites. I'll neither dissuade nor persuade you to click on anything here, except for my own links, and the links of our dear, faithful blog rolls.

Oh, and the last one is another new site of mine - Newness, Ampersand. It's a bit more experimental. I'm trying to make it more professional, but I'm not sure how to go about that now, so a lot of things may come and go in the next few weeks or months. It, like myself, is a site in transition. But I started it off with what I figure is a cool game to try out - Story-time. I start out a story, you give a middle, I end it. The catch is that each section can only be two sentences long. Yeah....

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