Sunday, October 21, 2007

The end of a week and a half with my family. We were looking forward to these days for a good while. Because our baby is sooooo cute.



  1. Awwww.... Luckily, your offspring inherited the "looks" gene from her mom! ;)

  2. Yea verily. (That's in response to your post, but if you want to apply it to what Art said, that's your business.)


  3. art,

    well, like her mom, she is photogenic. but still, the lips and the cheeks are more me than her. the frighteningly beautiful eyes and the scary-when-furrowed brow are all jennie though.


    all right. can i get an amen, now?

  4. If we're talking about frightening similarities, I think we need to mention the toes she received from her father. She's lucky toes can be covered up easily. ;)

  5. look at the pumpkin. gotta love it.

    the shot in the pumpkin patch is a great picture.

  6. I just realized how ticked off your son looks in that picture. Oh the humanity!

    He is a cutie though.

  7. jennie,

    and what a wonderful sight those toes are too.


    it's amazing what we can do with really cheap digital cameras and hackneyed photo skills, ain't it? but that was a great li'l shot. i'm sure others could have made something sublimely wonderful with it, but i guess it's good on its own.


    yes, Jocelyn was especially cranky that day. we had guests (family) in all that week, and that really upset her sleep schedule. so, by the end there, she was not a - as mrs. jasdye above would put it - a happy little mama. but she was still a cute, if reluctant, photo object.


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