Friday, June 08, 2007

Food and Dylan's Enduring Legacy

I'm getting ready to fire up the ol' grill (i.e., stove top) with some yummy-yummy Boca Burgers.

Which, I find out later, my wife abhors. Abhors, I tell you!

I didn't think they were too bad.

You know you gotta oil up the frying pans for these meatless boigahs? I guess it makes sense.

But don't worry, fellow meat-lovers, jasdye is NOT going vegan. Meat is in my blood. In fact, it's in my bloodstream. And my flesh. And, of course, my colon.

But I am well-aware of the fact that I'm grossly overweight. And I need to take drastic (though not Atkins-type drastic) steps to losing weight.

I'm thinking Richard Simmons.

Okay, not quite.

Or at least not yet.

But at 250 lbs. and counting, I don't think I should take too many more Richard Simmons-less steps.

and to take your mind off that image...

"Well, at least I didn't write that stupid 'So You Had a Bad Day' song."

h/t to Paste Magazine


  1. Eeeiiiwwww Nasty!

    I'm having flashbacks!

  2. Good luck with the weight loss. Been there, done that... in fact, I'm still doing that!

    Hillarious video, btw.

  3. honey,

    mmmm-mmm, boca burgers!

    art (not to be confused w/ my wife),

    we're slowly moving down (on the weight scale, that is).

  4. Re: the "Had a Bad Day" song. Yes. At least you (and Dylan) didn't write it. Ack!

  5. So, um, how's the colon?


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