Sunday, February 04, 2007

Days like today just aren't supposed to happen

The Mrs. jasdye and I are celebrating our first six months as a married couple today (wait for it... wait for it...). That's right, it's our halfiversary!

And today is the first time our lovable Chicago Bears play in the Super Bowl in 21 years.

O, my heart is torn.


I know where my loyalty lies.

On the side where I WON'T get a rolling pin thrown at me.

And the wifey is gracious enough to watch the game with me.

So, yeah, I'm blessed, suckas!


  1. Happy demi-anniversary! I didn't realize you guys were still newlyweds (relatively speaking).

  2. seeing as how we've only been in communique the last four months of my new life, i could see how you'd make that mistake.


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