Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Maybe Al Gore's starting to have an effect after all.

Interesting. I guess we (meaning American evangelicals) are not quite as backwards as everyone (and myself included there) assumes. Still, I'd feel better if our president (and leading denominations - I'm looking at you, SBC) would feel the pressure to actually do something about our melting, hurricane-prone planet.

Christianity Today Poll

Should evangelicals lobby on global warming?
No, there is no such thing.
No, our priority should be evangelism.
No, the science is still unclear.
Yes, it is our job to care for creation.
Yes, concern for the climate is neighbor love.
Yes, we need to address all social issues.
I don't know.

Total Votes: 8288
Poll can be taken or viewed here.


  1. That's pretty encouraging. The problem may be that people like Falwell, Dobson, Robertson, etc., get more mic time, and talk louder, so they skew perceptions towards their views. That said, Christians ought to be leading the charge on these issues. Instead we always seem to be lagging behind everyone else.

  2. and Robertson is funny. don't forget that. good ol' crazy Pat.

    yeah, i have an idea that if this not-quite scientific poll were taken at, say, right-leaning, Left Behind Liberty U (where both of my pastors, bless their hearts, went to school) or via call-in after a Focus on the Family show, the results would be different. but i'll take this poll as a positive encouragement.

    even if more than 830 evangelicals hold that there is no such thing as global warming and that the effects of full consumption of fossil fuels is nil.

  3. interesting...a lot of variety in answers for sure.

    --RC of

  4. yeah, again, not the most scientific of polls, but i think it's adequate.

    or maybe not...


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